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By Pamela Dell (Author), Kathryn Harper and Mark Domke (Editors)

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The Yaounde´ Conventions The first review produced a new set of arrangements embodied in the first Yaounde´ Convention (or Yaounde´ I) signed on July 20, 1963, in the Cameroon capital by 18 countries of the Association of African States and Madagascar (AASM) and the six EEC states. Yaounde´ I aimed to encourage the development of the AASM countries mainly by allowing preferential treatment of their manufactured exports into the EEC, but with only limited preference for agricultural exports. In return, the EEC was permitted to export limited volumes of manufactures to the AASM with similar duty arrangements.

The TRIPS agreement does not require nations formally to report compulsory licensing decrees, and as of 2006, only an AIDS drug license by Thailand to a government entity, minimally controversial under TRIPS, had come to light publicly. The existence of other unreported cases cannot be ruled out. Alternatively, post-2000 price and voluntary license developments may have been sufficient to satisfy the limited ability of low-income nations to distribute drugs effectively. Incentives for Drug Development Another fundamental problem preventing access to medicines is the lack of innovative drugs targeted specifically toward diseases prevalent only in the third world, for instance, sleeping sickness, Chagas disease, and leishmanisais.

Schott Senior Fellow, Peter G. Peterson Institute for International Economics North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) (coauthor) M. Fuat Sener Associate Professor of Economics, Union College technological progress in open economies Brad Setser Fellow for Geoeconomics, Council on Foreign Relations bail-ins; bailouts; international financial architecture Pierre L. Siklos Professor of Economics and Director, Viessmann European Research Center, Wilfrid Laurier University European Central Bank; European Monetary Union; impossible trinity; Maastricht Treaty Keith Sill Senior Economist, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia peso problem; sovereign risk currency board arrangement (CBA); fear of floating (coauthor) James L.

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