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By S. Lapointe, Michael Beaney

The 1st publication in English to provide a scientific survey of Bolzano’s philosophical good judgment and concept of information, it deals a reconstruction of Bolzano’s perspectives on a chain of key matters: the research of which means, generality, analyticity, logical final result, mathematical demonstration and data via advantage of which means.

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Bolzano assumes – more on this in Chapter 8 – that conceptual relations in deductive disciplines are contingent on the deductive relations that subsist among the propositions that contain the concepts in question. On Bolzano’s view, once a theory of logic is equipped with a satisfactory account of deductive orders, an account of inclusion relation of the type described in decompositional conceptions of analysis becomes redundant. One clear indication of the redundancy is the fact that in Bolzano’s theory the principle of inverse relation between content and extension collapses.

Arnauld and Nicole’s account of the relation between content and extension resorts to the two technical notions of superiority and inferiority of concepts. They write: But in these abstractions, one always sees that the inferior degree comprises the superior one with some particular determination [. ]; but that the superior degree since it is less determined can represent more things. com - licensed to Universitetsbiblioteket i Tromso - PalgraveConnect - 2011-04-02 that is, that we establish the list of (all) the components it contains.

In the same way as an object is the collection of all its properties, it was believed that the idea which corresponds to it could be nothing else but the collection of all the ideas of these properties. (1837, §64, 269) In other terms according to Bolzano, the decompositional conception of analysis rests implicitly on the idea that the set {[β1 ] & [β2 ] & . . com - licensed to Universitetsbiblioteket i Tromso - PalgraveConnect - 2011-04-02 Decomposition 24 Bolzano’s Theoretical Philosophy (1) If β1 & β2 & .

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