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By James Aho, Kevin Aho

Written in a jargon-free method, physique concerns offers a transparent and obtainable phenomenological critique of middle assumptions in mainstream biomedicine and explores ways that well-being and sickness are skilled and interpreted another way in quite a few socio-historical occasions. by means of drawing at the disciplines of literature, cultural anthropology, sociology, scientific heritage, and philosophy, the authors try to dismantle universal presuppositions we've approximately human afflictions and think about how the tools of phenomenology open up new how one can interpret the physique and to re-envision remedy.

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Till September eleven we had had no symbolic occasion on an international scale that marked a setback for globalization itself. Baudrillard sees the ability of the terrorists as mendacity within the symbolism of slaughter – no longer in basic terms the truth of dying, yet in a sacrifice that demanding situations the total procedure. the place formerly the previous innovative sought to behavior a fight among genuine forces within the context of ideology and politics, the recent terrorist mounts a strong symbolic problem which, whilst mixed with high-tech assets, constitutes an unheard of attack on an over-sophisticated and susceptible West.

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Whether it was New York, Berlin, Paris, or London, industrialized urbanization was producing a new way of being in the world, one radically different from the slow tempo of the rural community (Shorter, 1997, 130). The nineteenth century was be- The Accelerated Body and Its Pathologies / 37 coming a “nervous century,” an “excitable era,” one that called for a new kind of physician, an “urban nerve-specialist” (113). Among the changes that contributed to the making of a nervous century was something we have become so accustomed to that it is scarcely noticed.

The authors observe that despite the fact that Type-Bs embody attitudes generally contrary to conventional expectations, and could be judged less able, less successful, even lazy, they typically report high degrees of life satisfaction: “Most men of group B were obviously content with their respective lot in life and relatively uninterested in pursuing multiple goals or competitive activities. Few appeared really concerned with [professional] advancement, and most were far more involved with their families and avocational [sic] activities” (Freidman and Rosenman, 1959, 100).

Next came animal power to spin the thread, move the shuttle, and tamp the cloth, displacing the need for human effort, and after this, water, coal, oil, and electricity. In due course “Fordism” was introduced: the moving assembly line. This brought the work to the workers, instead of requiring them to move from place to place in the plant to locate a tool or find a piece of raw material. After this, scientific management of the factory, “Taylorism,” came into being. This refers to the imposition on the plant floor of findings from “time-motion” studies of various steps in production.

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