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By George Axelrod

From the Academy Award nominated screenwriter of Breakfast at Tiffany's and The Manchurian Candidate comes a panoramic tale of homicide and mischief… it is the tale of a big-game hunter, fisherman, fighter, customer to Cuba, under the influence of alcohol, and Nobel Prize-winning writer, lately deceased of a self-inflicted gunshot wound, whose ultimate unpublished manuscript may fetch a mint… it is the tale of a quick, balding guy with a high-pitched voice and a vicious wit, whose cocktail events are the controversy of town, specially whilst a gorgeous lady dies at one in every of them… it is the tale of Hollywood’s sexiest starlet, who manages to hide issues even if she’s donning not anything yet a towel… …and it’s the tale of Dick Sherman, intrepid ny writer, at the path of the literary locate of the century – and the killer who will cease at not anything to maintain it from being came across.

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I was lying on the floor. I was not sure where I was or what had happened. I moved my hand along the carpet up to my face. My hand came away sticky with blood. I peered around and decided I was inside the bedroom. Lying on the floor. I lay there for a long time trying to understand what had happened. I had started out to meet the man with the nasty voice in the room across the hall—I had been out in the corridor, locking the door from the outside. There had been some reason why I wanted to lock the door from the outside.

I read the page very slowly. I examined the penciled writing between the lines and in the margins. By the time I had finished the page there was no question in my mind as to what I was reading. ” I asked, trying to be calm. “I’ve got the three hundred and forty-six pages that come after it, too,” she said. ” She reached over and gently plucked the yellow paper out of my hand. She folded it again and put it back in her purse. “I’ve got a book,” she said, “and I want to sell it. ” She ground out her cigarette in the ashtray on my desk.

They wanted to take me to Bellevue for an examination but I talked them out of that. My own doctor had arrived by then, and about five in the morning I checked into a hotel. I didn’t do anything about straightening up the wreckage in my place. I just moved out. I was all right after a couple of days in bed. But it was almost a week before my face no longer scared little children. I did not go in to the office for the rest of the week. My first public appearance was Walter Heinemann’s cocktail party Friday night.

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