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By Normand Voyer (auth.), F. P. Schmidtchen (eds.)

Many organic structures nonetheless carry quite a few very fascinating molecular homes that thus far can't be matched by way of manmade analogs. studying concerning the rules and tips utilized by nature could provide entry to novel nanostructures, superior catalysts for the functionalization of hydrocarbon compounds or may possibly let catalytic C-C bond formation lower than environmentally benign stipulations. This quantity recapitulates the cutting-edge in these sectors of bioorganic chemistry that, instead of mimick the normal instance, objective to make use of the underlying rules for beneficial applications.

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One advantage of our strategy is the possibility of easily synthesizing several analogs of 69 and therefore the ability to "engineer" its properties, such as the ionic selectivity and the lipophilicity. In addition, the segment condensation synthesis allows reasonable quantities of compounds such as 69 to be prepared and enables them to be further chemically modified for specific applications. 3 Novel Materials Peptide nanostructures can be used in the preparation of"smart" new materials (a rapidly expanding area of research).

17. Illustration of the self-assembly of an artificial triple-helix structure mediated by the complexation of Fe(II) with three bipyridine modified peptide 47. (Reproduced with the permission of Ref. 40a) ~~~N~ CONH-G-E-L-A-Q-K-L-E-Q-A-L-Q-K-L-A-X 48 X---NH2 49 X=-A-A-H-Y-NH2 assembling process to create a binding site for another metal by accurately orienting the imidazole groups of three histidines near the C-terminal of 49, as depicted in Fig. 18 1-42]. They showed that Cu(II) was bound in that position and that the binding process did not influence the tertiary structure.

The peptidic framework was designed to orient rigidly in space the redox triad, composed of a Ru z ÷ complex, an anthraquinone, and two propylviologens, when incorporated in a lipid bilayer (Fig. 28). Although the compound exhibited a strong s-helical content in methanol, its conformation in a vesicle bilayer was different and undetermined. Nevertheless, irradiation of the Ru(II) complex of 74 resulted in a slow electron transfer. E. NI,]2 73 AO """, AO H ÷ 74 Cylinders = -L-S-L-Aib-L-S-L-S-L-(AQ)-L-S-L-L-S-L-Aib-L-S-LO < AQ = - I-IN-~COFig.

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