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By C. el-Ojeili

The present go back of curiosity in socialism and the critique of capitalism make a reengagement with far-left socialist currents of important curiosity. past Post-Socialism considers the modern scenario and customers of socialism via a chain of stories of vital Left thinkers together with Cornelius Castoriadis, Hardt and Negri, Badiou, Debord, and Wallerstein; via currents similar to anarchism and post-Marxism; and during urgent concerns like globalization and post-modern suggestion. El-Ojeili argues for the pressing forex of socialism's left incarnations, in the direction of a serious realizing of the current and the mind's eye of a higher destiny. This ebook can be compelling to students and scholars of social and political notion and to all these drawn to the emergence of a brand new international left.

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More generally, neo-liberalism, for some, has shifted ‘the parameters of commonsense’ (Hall, 1988: 188), from equality, solidarity and justice towards liberty, competition and individualism, deflating utopian aspirations before the hidden hand (Fuller, 2005) and necessitarian rhetoric (‘there is no alternative’). And, in a related vein, restructuring pressures within the university, and accompanying professionalization and commodification of knowledge, have been viewed as posing severe challenges to the historic tradition of critical intellectual life.

Tormey and Townshend’s (2006) identification of six problems addressed by post-Marxism to Marx and Marxism seems the best way in here, and I will work through these as a way of exploring some of the commonalities that can be detected in apparently very different post-Marxist trajectories. This approach also serves as a way of moving towards consideration of the dilemmas entailed by these trajectories and addressing the question, whither post-Marxism? First problem – history. The problem of history is what Tormey and Townshend (2006: 212) describe as the ‘common suspicion of the teleological narrative that is seen to underpin Marx’s work’.

This appears to me to be especially the case in light of another set of shifts, shifts that have made those parallel narratives of decline – of utopian reference and of the classical values and aspirations of social theory – look less convincing. In particular, I think that by the second half of the 1990s both of these narratives had unravelled somewhat – they and, with them, that moment of ‘happy globalization’ were simply facing too many ‘reality problems’. Particularly important, I think, were a number of key events, mobilizations and processes through and beyond the 1990s that, together, ‘punctured’ (Callinicos, 2003) both of these stories.

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