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By Daniel A. Bell

Is liberal democracy acceptable for East Asia? during this provocative ebook, Daniel Bell argues for morally valid choices to Western-style liberal democracy within the quarter. past Liberal Democracy , which maintains the author's influential previous paintings, is split into 3 components that correspond to the 3 major hallmarks of liberal democracy--human rights, democracy, and capitalism. those positive aspects were converted considerably in the course of their transmission to East Asian societies which have been formed by way of nonliberal practices and values. Bell issues to the hazards of enforcing Western-style types and proposes replacement justifications and practices that could be extra applicable for East Asian societies.

If human rights, democracy, and capitalism are to take root and convey invaluable results in East Asia, Bell argues, they need to be adjusted to modern East Asian political and fiscal realities and to the values of nonliberal East Asian political traditions similar to Confucianism and Legalism. neighborhood wisdom is hence crucial for practical and morally proficient contributions to debates on political reform within the sector, in addition to for mutual studying and enrichment of political theories.

past Liberal Democracy is fundamental studying for college kids and students of political idea, Asian experiences, and human rights, in addition to someone interested in China's political and monetary destiny and the way Western governments and firms should still have interaction with China.

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I focus on the case of domestic workers who migrate to wealthy territories to help with housework and care for needy family members. They are perhaps the most vulnerable group of INTRODUCTION 17 all residents, but they are denied equal rights in East Asian societies, no matter how long they stay. Liberal political theorists argue that such an arrangement is fundamentally unjust, and that long-term migrant workers should be put on the road to equal citizenship. Their argument mirrors the emerging pattern in most Western liberal democracies.

JUST WAR AND CONFUCIANISM 31 In the next section, I will discuss general Confucian principles that underpin theorizing on just and unjust war. I limit myself to the values espoused by Confucius and Mencius. 25 Mencius continues to be the most influential theorist of war and just war in the Confucian tradition, and the third section is devoted to presenting Mencius’s views on the topic. The chapter ends by considering the contemporary implications of Confucianism for thinking about just and unjust war.

13; Ames and Rosemont, modified). 27; Leys). Even Yao and Shun, the icons of sagehood, proved to be deficient: Zigong said: “What would you say of a man who showers the people with blessings and who could save the multitude? Could he be called benevolent? The Master said: What has this to do with benevolence? He would be a saint! Even Yao and Shun would be deficient in this respect. 26) In short, both Confucius and Mencius seem to recognize the difficulty, if not impossibility, of implementing an ideal, nonterritorial political order governed by a wise and virtuous sage-king who inspires the whole world simply by means of his exemplary moral character.

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