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By Sorin Antohi, Vladimir Tismaneanu

The 10th anniversary of the cave in of communism in principal and japanese Europe is the root for this article which displays upon the earlier ten years and what lies forward for the longer term. a global crew of teachers and public intellectuals, together with former dissidents and energetic politicians, interact in an alternate at the antecedents, factors, contexts, meanings and legacies of the 1989 revolutions. The participants deal with numerous matters together with liberal democracy and its enemies; modernity and discontent; monetary reforms and their social influence; ethnicity; nationalism and faith; geopolitics; electoral platforms and political energy; ecu integration; and the death of Yugoslavia.

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We have then a political system restrained by law. A still more meaningful con­ ception of constitutionalism is not narrowly legal, but more broadly po­ litical. It refers to the art and science of designing political institutions, creating in the process the capacity to achieve collective purposes, but also restraining those institutions by the rule of law. I would like to suggest a "constitutionalism" that is broader still: a perspective on modernity, politics, and human interaction. According to this conception the central battle of modern politics and (underlying that) the central battle of human interaction in general is the battle between creative and destructive power.

It was brought to an official end only in the summer of 1995, when the Dayton Accords brokered by the United States ratified the independence of Slovenia and Croatia and the de facto partition of Bosnia. In the intervening years a brutal war of "ethnic cleansing" was waged by Bosnian-Serbian forces against the Muslim population of Bosnia. Towns and villages were de­ populated and destroyed; mosques and cultural institutions were sys­ tematically pillaged and razed; a policy of mass rape was practised against Muslim women; a network of concentration camps was set up throughout those parts of Bosnia captured by Bosnian-Serb forces; and a campaign of terror and mass murder—a campaign of genocide—was undertaken against the Muslim population.

Few contrasts have greater practical significance. Plural Improvement In addition to being a break with the past, a revolution introduces change that is both large scale and novel (capitalism is replaced by communism, for example). We can often identify the revolution's program, even if it is rarely carried out exactly as planned. Rebirths are different in every way. They are periods of great activity, but involve many individuals and groups engaged in their own projects, largely independent of all the oth­ ers.

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