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Sean is a quiet boy and is also shy. 5. A Canadian student is studious and wise . 6. Francis has a big car while I have a small dog and a big tabby cat. 7. The mother and the father are hungry and thirsty. 8. The boy and the girl are right. 51 Lesson Nine The Negative Not is translated by the word rna (rn' only before a vowel , silent h or gli). This is followed by the conjugated verb to which is affixed x to the end of the verb. Ma always occupies the same pJace in the sentence as the English word not and it always grecedes the verb.

6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11 . ~ mar mur! (sing); morru! (pi) to go go! Exercise Two wiegeb wiegeb! (sing) ; wiegbu! (pi) to answer answer! Put in the correct form of the verb and then translate into English: gidem igdem! (sing) ; igdmu! (pi) to bite bite! g. Alina (kiteb) iUra lill-mara ta' Mario. Alina niktbu iUra lill-mara ta' Mario. We write a letter to Mario's wife. acceUa acceUa! (sing); acceUaw! (pi) to accept accept! fetali iftali! (sing) ; iftliu! (pi) to open open! Now try these exercises: Exercise One Put the right part of the verb in those sentences for which the verb stem is given in brackets and put into the negative.

Tomorrow they will have to buy a lot of fruit for the sick girl. II-gimglia d-dielila jiena ser inkun nizfen fil-kamra tal-pranzu ma'Mark. Next week, I shall be dancing in the dining room with Mark. 56 57 SECTION A Word List Common Expressions denoting the Future: is-sena d-dielila sena olira il-gimglia d-dielila fil-gimgliat li gejjin ix-xahar id-dieliel fix-xhur li gejjin fi ftit sigliat olira fil-granet li gejjin fis-snin Ii gejjin fi ftit minuti olira fi ftit sekondi olira it-Tnejn li gej dalwaqt next year next year next week in the weeks to come next month in the months to come in the next few hours in the next few days in the years to come in the next few minutes in the next few seconds next Monday soon Now try these exercises: Exercise One Express in Maltese: 1.

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