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By Anna-Teresa Tymieniecka

Beauty fulfils human life. because it registers in our aesthetic adventure, good looks complements nature s attraction round us and our inward event lifting our soul towards ethical elevation. Carried by way of inventive mind's eye (Imaginatio Creatrix), good looks participates within the moulding of the varieties of the intellective structure of the brain in tandem with praxis and seeks deeper enigmas of the genuine within the labyrinth of the cosmos. but with the evolution of human improvement and in technological innovations, good looks, whereas suffusing all modalities of expertise, turns out to suffer differences and enlargement. Are there perduring norms and modalities of good looks or are we carried alongside blindly by way of human improvement? Is there a degree intrinsic to our human ontopoietic unfolding and the expansion of human lifestyles that we may well keep on with rather than the whim of fancy and excess?

The current selection of art-explorations seeks the basic ties of Human . jointly, the authors goal to respond to the questions posed above.

Papers through: Brian Grassom, Lawrence Kimmel, Gabriel Hindin, John Baldachino, Piero Trupia, Maria Golaszewska, Mariola Sulkowska, Valerie Reed, Max Statkiewicz, Victor Gerald Rivas, Robert D. Sweeney, Raymond J. Wilson III, Tsung-I Dow, Vladimir Marchenkov, Maciej Kaluza, Patricia Trutty-Coohill, Diane G. Scillia, Bruce Ross, James Werner, Elena Stylianou, Arthur Piper, Christopher Wallace, Matti Itkonen, Munir Beken, Andrew J. Svedlow.

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On the other, we are often confronted with a relativist position where what we mean by ‘art’ and ‘the beautiful’ becomes an accident of what we would like them to be. I The relationship between art and beauty has to confront its own historical character, and therefore its contingent fate. 2 This preclusion is essential because often, historical positions are mistaken for teleological positions. In this state of affairs, surrogate forms of measure frame art and beauty. The expectation would be that of a standardized ground that gives us a system of values by which art and beauty are supposed to be ‘rationalized’ and ‘made sense’ of.

The latter statement raises an issue regarding beauty as an attribute, which also questions the very nature of beauty in relationship to something else. The issue of relationship is crucial because we know that the phrase ‘a beautiful horse’ brings up the question whether (1) ‘beautiful’ is just an attribute of a thing (in this case the horse) or (2) the thing bears out the notion of beauty as (a) an ideal to which we attach our modes of understanding of (or indeed saying that) the horse is beautiful or (b) that the horse brings to us the very idea as an originary quality of beauty.

II, p. 105. 14 On Caravaggio’s ‘modernity,’ see Baldacchino, Easels of Utopia, pp. 86ff. 15 Montale, “Potessi almeno costringere,” in Montale, op. , “Mediterraneo” (8). My English translation. 16 Montale, “Noi non sappiamo quale sortiremo,” in Montale, op. , “Mediterrane” (6). My English translation. 17 Kant, Immanuel, Critique of Judgement, trans. J. H. Bernard (New York: Hafner Press, Collier-Macmillan, 1974), pp. 45–46. 18 Kant, Immanuel, Logic, trans. R. S. Hartman and W. Schwarts (New York: Dover, 1988), p.

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