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By Jean-Marie Hombert, Larry M. Hyman

This assortment brings jointly lots of the world's best Bantuists, in addition to the most promising more youthful students drawn to the heritage, comparability, and outline of Bantu languages. The Bantu languages, numbering as many as 500, were on the heart of state of the art theoretical study in phonology, morphology, syntax and semantics. in addition to the problems of class and inner sub-grouping, this quantity treats ancient and comparative facets of a number of the major typological positive factors for which this language crew is understood: vowel top concord, noun periods, difficult tense-aspect structures, and so forth. the result's a compilation that gives the main updated realizing of those and different concerns that would be of curiosity not just to Bantuists and old linguists, but additionally to these attracted to the phonological, morphological and semantic concerns coming up inside of those hugely agglutinative Bantu languages.

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15); 9. Mwika-Rungwe (M. 10-30). b. Kusi 1. 4 above); 2. 30); 3. lO); 4. 21). Significant additional bodies of stem-morpheme innovations, supportive both of the narrow Mashariki group and of its Kaskazi and Kusi subgroups, are published in Ehret (1998). These data are identifiable as innovations on somewhat different grounds than those cited in this article. For one, these morphemes all entered the early Mashariki dialects as loanwords from several non-Bantu languages formerly spoken in parts of 50 Christopher Ehret eastern Africa.

Gungu, Bwisi, northern Soga, Gwere, and Syan are not so easily dismissed. All are at the northern edge of the Bantu area in Uganda and we have little data for them. Is the extant data reliable? Are they outliers, remnants of some Forest group to the west? Is Spirantization (and therefore 7 > 5) something which did not occur in p-GL but started to diffuse later and never reached the far north? Three approaches are possible: we say Spirantization and 7 > 5 were not features of p-GL and ^Several authors have been struck by these similarities.

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