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These antibodies have been extremely helpful in identifying cytoskeletal proteins separated by gel electrophoresis, in establishing antigenic similarities and differences among the various proteins, and in determining the distribution of these proteins in cells and tissues by labeled antibody techniques. At the light microscope level, immunocytochemical techniques allow us to visualize the various fiber systems of the cytoskeleton and the distribution of the different molecular constituents of these systems rapidly in large populations of cells and to follow their distribution during cell differentiation and changes in cell function (Kalnins and Connolly, 1982; Osborn and Weber, 1983).

1976). Between the plasma membranes of adjacent fibrous or protoplasmic astrocytes punctate adhesions with features similar to those of zonulae adhaerentes, called puncta adhaerentes, have also been observed. , 1976). Whether any of these densities, like those in adherens-type junctions, are associated with MF is unknown. C. , 1984). In colony cultures, cells along this lineage display dramatic changes in their ''social behavior" during differentiation and maturation. Studies by time-lapse cinematography show that relatively nonmotile glioblasts, clustered in compact, epithelial-type colonies, progress through highly motile proastroblast and astroblast stages during which the cells are only loosely associated with each other at the ends of their processes before becoming nonmotile fibrous astrocytes (R.

They found no temporal correlation between the morphological changes and the depolymerization of actin, but did find a correlation between these changes and the disappearance of MF bundles, suggesting that redistribution of actin between different organizational states rather than actin depolymerization are probably the earliest events underlying the morphological conversion of cultured astrocytes into the stellate form. Trimmer et al. (1982) have suggested that during the formation of stellate astrocytes, MF may be involved in the retraction of cytoplasm around the radial IF and MT bundles which form the cores of the astrocyte processes.

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