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By Jasmine Dum-Tragut

This grammar of recent jap Armenian provides an exact and particular description of the japanese Armenian language of the Republic of Armenia. It covers not just the normative culture yet, extra importantly, additionally describes the colloquial language because it is utilized in Armenia at the present time. with reference to methodological method and terminology it totally meets the calls for of recent normal linguistics and typology.

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G. in the Russian loan ³ÉµáÙ albom [cljbfm] “album”. 3 Diphthongs SMEA is often considered not to have “real diphthongs”. There are, however, vowel combinations or glide-vowel combinations, which can be understood as diphthongs in a broad sense of definition. e. rising [cj] [uj] [7j] [fj] and falling [jc] [jf] [ju], graphically expressed with the grapheme combinations ³Û ay, »Û ey, áÛ oy, áõÛ uy and Û³ ya, Ûá yo and Ûáõ yu. The glide itself is spoken weakly. Examples ѳÛñ hayr [hcjn] “father” ë³ÛÉ sayl [scjl] “cart” ·³ÛÉ gayl [gcjl] “wolf ” ³Ûëûñ aysōr [cjsfn] “today” å³Ûù³ñ payk’ar [pcjkhcn] “battle, struggle” Ã»Û t’ey [th7j] “tea” ¼»ÛÃáõÝ Zeyt’un [z7jthun] “Zeyt’un” (place name) ê»Ûñ³Ý Seyran [s7jncn] “Seyran” (personal name) ËáÛ xoy [ófj] “ram” ÜáÛ Noy [Nfj] “Noah” гÝáÛ Hanoy [hcnfj] “Hanoi” ·áõÛÝ guyn [gujn] “colour” ѳ×áõÛù hačuyk’ [hctwujkh] “pleasure” ÉáõÛë luys [lujs] “light” ÏáõÛë kuys [kujs] “nun” .

Orošec’i [twhfnfw7tshi] “I did not decide” versus Coll. [[twh(6)‚ fnfw7tshi] The colloquial realisation with a glide is, however, very frequent and widespread and has even entered into public speech – it seems to be highly conventional. Chapter 1. g. 19 3. The schwa phoneme Á ě [6] The Armenian schwa is realised as a mid central vowel. The orthography of this schwa is, unfortunately, not clear. The schwa is written in the initial position and in the final position if it expresses the allomorphic definite article -Á -ě.

The given pronunciation of the initial cluster of sibilant and plosive is a strict normative rule, which seems to have undergone changes already during the period of Soviet Armenia. Already in the Armenian Grammars of the seventies, the Armenian grammarians stated a much weaker pronunciation of the schwa preceding this cluster and they even mentioned vernacular pronunciation of such clusters without any schwa epenthesis as highly productive. It can almost be considered as convention in colloquial and in “substandard” written Armenian to realise these clusters without the initial schwa-epenthesis; sometimes, and with increasing frequency, also without an epenthesis between the first two consonants.

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