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By Beth Levin, Malka Rappaport Hovav

The connection among verbs and their arguments is a generally debated subject in linguistics. This accomplished survey presents an updated assessment of this crucial quarter of study, exploring present theories of the way a verb’s semantics can be sure the morphosyntactic awareness of its arguments. Assuming an in depth connection among verb which means and syntactic constitution, it presents a bridge among lexical semantic and syntactic examine, synthesizing the result of paintings from a number linguistic subdisciplines and in various theoretical frameworks.

The first 4 chapters survey prime theories approximately occasion constitution and con- ceptualization. The 5th and 6th chapters specialize in the mapping from lexical semantics to morphosyntax, and contain a close dialogue of the thematic hierarchy. The 7th bankruptcy reports remedies of a number of argument actual- ization. With precious bibliographic references and transparent definitions of appropriate phrases, this ebook could be beneficial to scholars and researchers in syntax and semantics, in addition to these in comparable fields.

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45) a. Borisov upravljaet fabrikoj. ’ b. Fabrika upravljaet-sja Borisovym. ’ (Fowler 1996: 519, (1)) The existence of oblique case marking on what might otherwise be considered a subject or an object raises a number of questions. 6 When subjects are not agents and objects are not patients 31 oblique case-marked argument as a “true” subject or object must be established. Verifying this is not always easy, and there is a longstanding debate about the subjecthood of oblique case-marked experiencer NPs.

Baker 1988: 229, (2a)) b. Mbidzi zi-na-perek-er-a nkhandwe msampha. 6 When subjects are not agents and objects are not patients 29 As with passives, a theory adopting the Uniformity of Theta Assignment Hypothesis will have a rule “promoting” an oblique to object in applicative constructions to maintain a uniform assignment of semantic roles to grammatical relations in both applicative and nonapplicative constructions (Baker 1988). In contrast, a theory that does not adopt this hypothesis deals with the relation between these two in other ways.

Clearly, a set of shared entailments on arguments deserves to fall under the rubric of a recognized semantic role only if such a semantic role enters into significant generalizations in argument realization. However, it is difficult to decide on a fixed set of roles with just this property. One of the best-known problems in the identification and definition of semantic roles is what Dowty calls “role fragmentation” (1991: 553–55): the subdivision of a single role into multiple roles as a result of additional semantic and syntactic investigations.

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