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Despite, or even greater via advantage of, its very brevity, visual appeal and feel is a tricky textual content to learn and comprehend, fairly if we make the test independently of Husserl's principles I. this can be definitely no less than partially due to the purpose at the back of Shpet's paintings. at the one hand it strives to provide Husserl' s most recent perspectives to a Russian philosophical viewers now not but conversant with and, possibly, now not even conscious of, his transcendental idealist flip. With this goal any analyzing may perforce be exacting. but, nevertheless, Shpet has made scant concession to his public. certainly, his textual content is much more compressed, specially within the the most important components facing the sense-bestowing function of cognizance, than Husserl' s personal. For all that, Shpet has now not bequeathed to us easily an abbreviated paraphrase nor a selective observation on rules I, even supposing at many issues it is only that. particularly, the textual content normally is a severe engagement with Husserl' s suggestion, the place Shpet between different issues refonnulates or a minimum of offers Husserl's phenomenology from the point of view of hoping to light up a standard philosophical challenge in a thorough demeanour. because Husserl's textual content used to be released in simple terms in 1913 and Shpet's seemed someday in the course of 1914, the latter should have been conceived, proposal via, and written in extraordinary haste. certainly, Shpet had already accomplished a primary draft and used to be busy with a revision of it by way of the top of 1913.

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Thus with respect to the entire "natural world" the possibility arises of establishing the following "general thesis of the natural attitude": "As what confronts me, I continually fmd the one spatiotemporal actuality to which I belong like all other human beings who are to be found in it and who are related to it as I am. "2. b We are completely free to attempt to subject the entire thesis of the natural attitude and along with it all its particulars to both a doubt as well as to an £1t0Xll. Nothing is thereby changed in it, taken as the thesis of the natural attitude asserting the factually existing world at hand.

This proposition must be placed at the foundation because it belongs to the essence of both a physical thing as well as consciousness. Between being as a mental process and being as a physical thing there appears a basic and essential difference. This means that the physical thing itself is entirely transcendent. And in this way the most profound fundamental difference is revealed between the two types of being, namely consciousness and reality, as well as between the ways in which they are given to us, viz.

11. Also, by the way, cf. Spinoza: " .. " "Of the Improvement of the Understanding" in The Chief Works of Benedict de Spinoza, trans. M. Elwes, New York: Dover Publications, 1965, vol. II, p. 13. 3. Certainly this is the development of Lotze's thought. Cf. his Grundzuge der Logik, Leipzig, 1883, § 92, p. 90. There is no need to speak of Hegel. It goes without saying that Schelling's idea of "identity" is of relevance here although there is already nothing new to add here. Phenomenology occupies an original place in relation to ontology in Lotze.

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