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By Mike Ripley

Fitzroy Maclean Angel’s most up-to-date hair-raising experience includes a doubtful spiritual cult, an impoverished minor aristocrat with a love of vintage vehicles and a truly shady solicitor with an exceptionally unusual spouse. not just that, yet he additionally has to deal with rookie inner most eye Veronica Blugden, discover why her workplace is being vandalised and detect what his bike-riding good friend purple is as much as, promoting all that mysterious white powder...Complete with a brand new, specially-written creation via the writer.

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Just ... ’ ‘Kids,’ he said, disappointedly, as if he’d been looking forÂ�ward to a bit of grand larceny. ‘What sort of business was the old ... ’ ‘He was an enquiry agent and security consultant,’ Veronica said primly. I held up my hand to the copper so Veronica couldn’t see, and gestured that, yes, we’d be doing all the jokes, he needn’t bother. ’ I said for the sake of something to say. ‘Bound to be. Didn’t expect to find the old man here. ’ I pressed. ‘I’ve seen worse. ’ I pushed it. ’ His partner returned holding a sheet of paper.

Veronica smiled at her. I was looking at innocence in stereo. ‘They’re not deep scratches,’ Fenella dabbed at them. ‘He didn’t have time to aim,’ I said, only to be ignored. ‘And you live with ... ’ ‘Lisabeth, my friend. ’ ‘Oh, bits of secretarial work. She’s actually studying alÂ�ternative medicine. ’ I might as well not have been there. ‘That’s really, really interesting. ’ ‘Well, you must pop downstairs and meet her. I’m sure she’d love to meet you. ’ Even Fenella had noticed the suitcase on the floor.

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