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This sort of game can easily be represented if we assume that French has separate melody and skeleton tiers as illustrated in (28b). (28) b. In other words, the existence of a play language like Ge-De implies that speakers of French can make use of the two-tiered phonological core. But if French lacks any of the regular autosegmental processes, these speakers receive no direct evidence for the two-tiered structure in the course of language acquisition. If they are nevertheless using such a structure in a language game, the only alternative is to say that it is innate, hence universal.

Er attaches to no trisyllabic adjectives (*eloquenter). This fact suggests that the internal structure of unhappier is [un[[happy]er]], where -er attaches to the disyllabic happy. But this bracketing incorrectly represents the semantic structure of the word; unhappier means 'more unhappy' rather than 'not more happy', as the initial bracketing suggests. For semantic reasons, the following bracketing seems more appropriate: [[un[happy]]er]. In other words, one bracketing is preferable on phonological grounds, the other on semantic grounds.

Our major problem arises first in accounting for the root and pattern morphology of the Semitic languages. McCarthy (1979, 1981) has shown quite convincingly for Semitic that consonantal roots and vocalic inflections constitute different morphemes and that they must be projected on different tiers and interpolated with a skeleton which is itself a morpheme: (22) The root ktb which appears in (22) also occurs in a whole array of other verbal forms and nominalizations. Different Binyanim are represented in McCarthy's analysis as different skeletons which modify the verbal meaning or diathesis.

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