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By Nat Shapiro (auth.), Nat Shapiro (eds.)

Writing approximately music-about what it's and what it means-is resembling describing the act of affection. in some way, the aid of the event to an unblushingly targeted exposition of the way, the place, whilst, and why who does what to whom, from prelude to resolu­ tion, loses every little thing within the translation. the opposite severe, the single in which the author, in desperation, lodges to metaphor (with or with no good thing about meter and rhyme), as a rule leads to im­ agery that's banal, vulgar, inane, imprecise, pretentious, and more often than not insufferably romantic. to accomplish stable and actual writing approximately song is as infrequent an accomplishment as professional wine-tasting, lion-taming, diamond-cut­ ting, truffie-finding and (if one simply occurs to be an unconverted Mohican courageous) deer-tracking. merely the intuitive, the natural, the sensual, and the intrepid want follow. specialist musicians usually facts a set tendency both to rudely forget about in any other case to actively despise these people who bravely attempt to comprehend, outline, and describe their artwork. To many composers and instrumentalists, these outsiders (nonmusicians) who've the temerity to debate whatever extra summary than the electronic dexterity of a fiddler, the actual vainness of a conductor, or the salary scales for additional time recording periods are judged useful simply of contempt or-at the most-patronizing tolerance. "Music capability itself," insists one of many members to the gathering that follows, and lots of practitioners of the paintings of organ­ ized sound would favor to go away it at that.

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But notation is to improvisation as the portrait to the living model. It is for the interpreter to resolve the rigidity of the signs into the primitive emotion. . ~erruccio Busoni (1866-1924) Sketch of a New Aesthetic of Music, tr. 1911 Where is the apparatus that man could invent and set in motion which would allow harmony's million tongues to sound? Where is and where will ever be the techniques which will allow the thousand registers of the world-organ to play? " John Cage (1912Silence, 1¢1 There is an essential difference between making a piece of music and hearing one.

Frederic Chopin Quoted by Ernst Bacon, Notes on the Piano, 1¢3 Composers and Composition 45 Bach is like an astronomer who, with the help of ciphers, finds the most wonderful stars . . Beethoven embraced the universe with the power of his spirit . . I do not climb so high. A long time ago I decided that my universe will be the soul and heart of man. Frederic Chopin Letter to Delphine Potocka Play Mozart in memory of me. Frederic Chopin Last words, 1849 Good music resembles something. It resembles the composer.

1963 Too many people today are trying to justify the precision with which organized musical sound is produced rather than the energy with which it is manipulated. David Diamond (1915Letter, January 12, 1939 Creators and Components Composers shouldn't think too much-it interferes with their plagiarism. Howard Dietz To Goddard Lieberson, November 1974 The greatest advantage that a writer can derive from music is, that it teaches most exquisitely the art of development. Benjamin Disraeli (1804-81) Contarini Fleming, 1832 .

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