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By D'Alessandro, Roberta, D'alessandro Roberts

This e-book brings jointly students who've been engaged on contract regulations in the generative framework. The articles diversity from syntactic to morphological methods, investigating various domain names of contract regulations, comparable to the individual Case Constraint, nominative gadgets, and Quirky Case regulations in a chain of eu and Non-European languages, delivering new information and novel analyses for either, new and recognized evidence. This e-book collects diverse and correct reports during this box and provides a common evaluate of the various theoretical ways excited about the morphological, syntactic and semantic houses of contract limit phenomena.

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Note that in examples (50) and (51a) the dative pronoun precedes the accusative, one more exception to the claim that the DO pronoun always precedes the IO in German. References Adger, David and Daniel Harbour 2007 Syntax and Syncretisms of the Person Case Constraint. Syntax 10: 2–37. Anagnostopoulou, Elena 2003 The Syntax of Ditransitives. Evidence from Clitics. Berlin /New York: Mouton de Gruyter. 2005 Strong and Weak Person Restrictions: A feature checking analysis. In Clitic and Affix Combinations, L.

E. whether or not they undergo optional Wackernagel movement) is not immediately relevant for present purposes. 7. My German informants were: Uli Sauerland, Kleanthes Grohmann, Susi Wurmbrand, Winfried Lechner, Florian Schaefer and Gereon Mueller. Susann Fischer (personal communication) along with Kirsten Gengel and Eva Forster (personal communication to Susann Fischer) share these judgments. g. Austrian, Franconian, Swabian) as well as of Standard German. 8. For all my informants the PCC effect is stronger with 2nd person than with 1st person pronouns for reasons I do not understand.

Simon and H. ), 205–232. Amsterdam: Benjamins. 2001b Order Preservation, Parallel Movement and the Emergence of the Unmarked. In Optimality-Theoretic Syntax, G. Legendre, J. Grimshaw and S. ) 279–313. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. Nevins, Andrew 2007 The Representation of Third Person and ist Consequences for PersonCase effects. Natural Language and Linguistic Theory 25: 273–313. Nicol, Fabrice 2005 Romance clitic clusters: On diachronic changes and cross-linguistic contrasts. In Clitic and Affix Combinations, L.

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