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By Ruth Singer

The use of grammatical gender within the Australian language Mawng calls into query winning principles in regards to the capabilities of nominal class platforms. Mawng’s gender method has a robust semantic foundation and performs a major function within the building of which means in discourse. Gender contract in verbs is usually lexicalized, developing idioms referred to as lexicalised contract verbs which are structurally just like noun-verb idioms. This e-book might be of curiosity to a person drawn to nominal category or cross-linguistic methods to idioms.

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Name Them, you know those ones Gaiyurnbi, Namarrabuja and Warrardbin. Land1 038 35 See also (2-56) above for an example of the use of impiyung. 41 It is clear that these indefinite pronoun forms are grammaticalised as only the Masculine form is used; there are no Feminine or Plural forms. We might expect a plural article and demonstrative to be used to form the indefinite pronoun in (2-64) but they are not36. The nonhuman form kunijanaka contains the element /kuni/ - derived from kunuka 'what' - instead of nganti 'who' as shown in (2-65).

Nganaparru3 014 Like the expression 'to come from' in English, -wuran may refer to a recent location of an entity as in (2-25), or its permanent origin as in (2-26). to first Eng. Fiji Eng. mission. Eng. Torres Strait islanders21 and Fijians came to the first mission. to mantanti. mainland Our grandmother, she didn't know things from the mainland. Land1 052 The nominal -wuran is quite common whereas -wurnirri 'without' and -wurnnyak 'having' are fairly infrequently used. 3 mungu 'ignorant (of), wrong one' The word mungu 'ignorant (of), wrong one' is categorised as a nominal because it lacks verbal morphology but it is used either attributively and or as a predicate.

All four words are likely to be related historically. spear-PP [i-murra MA-many ja MA kujpagarri]. wallaby Nawuyuk speared a lot of wallabies. Information15 015 (2-12) And Eng [wi-garra-pa PL-many-EMPH1 pata arrarrkpi] aw-ura-n, PL person 3pl-go1-PP kapa-pa. there-EMPH1 And many people went there. Nawunawu 084 Examples (2-11) and (2-12) illustrate one type of complex NP containing quantifiers: the quantifier precedes the head noun and a single article occurs between the quantifier and the head noun.

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