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From this work one can see that at least in some cases the range of unambiguous determination of the film parameters can be substantially extended when changing from a quasi-monochromatic light beam to the operating light beam of a sizable spectral width. Figure 18 shows what occurs in this case. It should be noted that one of the important applications of ellipsometry is the measurement of the thickness of superthin dielectric films (d < 50 A) on semiconductor and metal substrates. The real advantages of ellipsometry in such measurements are illustrated in Fig.

Since they follow directly from expressions (84b (85), and (86), both ACSP and ASCP ellipsometer arrange- ELLIPSOMETRIC STUDIES OF SURFACES AND THIN FILMS 29 ments are quite equivalent. Indeed, (84) transforms into (85) by a simple substitution of yA angles for yp and yp angles for yA. Further consideration should be made for the ACSP arrangement only. After the foregoing angle substitutions, all the results obtained can be used directly when working with the ellipsometer assembled in ASCP sequence.

RZHANOV AND K. K. SVITASHEV When using the fixed-compensator procedure, it is expedient to set the compensator so that yc = f45". Then expression (87) takes the form ltzSp= I&[1 + cos 27, cos 27, cos 6 + cos 249(cOs 2yp + cos 27, cos 6) + sin 2$(sin 2YA cos A f cos 27, sin A sin 6) sin 2yp (91) and the system of Eqs. (90) can be cast in the following form: + cos 249 sin 2ype- sin 249 cos 2ype(sin2yAe cos A + cos 2yAe sin A sin 6) = 0 sin 2yAe cos 2ypecos 6 + cos 249 sin 2yAe cos 6 - sin 249 sin 2ype cos 2yAe sin 2ypecos 6 (92) x (cos 2yAe cos A f sin 2yAe sin A sin 6) = 0 (93) In expressions (91) and (92) when a double sign precedes a term, the upper sign corresponds to yc = +45" and the lower one to yc = -45".

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