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By Joey Lott, Darron Schall, Keith Peters

Good sooner than Ajax and Microsoft's home windows Presentation starting place hit the scene, Macromedia provided the 1st process for construction web content with the responsiveness and performance of computer courses with its Flash-based "Rich net Applications". Now, new proprietor Adobe is taking Flash and its robust services past the net and making it a full-fledged improvement atmosphere. instead of concentrate on thought, the ActionScript 3.0 Cookbook concentrates at the useful program of ActionScript, with greater than three hundred strategies you should use to resolve quite a lot of universal coding dilemmas. you can find recipes that express you the way to:Detect the user's Flash participant model or their working systemBuild customized classesFormat dates and forex typesWork with stringsBuild person interface componentsWork with audio and videoMake distant technique calls utilizing Flash Remoting and net servicesLoad, ship, and seek XML dataAnd a lot, even more ...Each code recipe offers the matter, resolution, and dialogue of the way you should use it in alternative ways or customize it in your personal wishes, and why it really works. you could speedy find the recipe that the majority heavily suits your state of affairs and get the answer with out analyzing the entire ebook to appreciate the underlying code. strategies growth from brief recipes for small difficulties to extra complicated scripts for thornier riddles, and the discussions supply a deeper research for resolving related concerns sooner or later, in addition to attainable layout offerings and ramifications. you will even the best way to hyperlink modular ActionScript items jointly to create rock-solid recommendations for Flex 2 and Flash applications.When you are not definite how ActionScript 3.0 works or the best way to procedure a selected programming trouble, you could easily decide up the e-book, turn to the suitable recipe(s), and quick find the answer you are looking for.

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The recipes you'll find in an O'Reilly Cookbook follow a simple formula: Problem Each Problem addressed in an O'Reilly Cookbook is clearly stated, specific, and practical. Solution The Solution is easy to understand and implement. Discussion The Discussion clarifies and explains the context of the Problem and the Solution. It also contains sample code to show you how to get the job done. com/catalog/actscpt3ckbk. 30 31 See Also The See Also section directs you to additional information related to the topic covered in the recipe.

Comparing items by reference means that the two items are considered equal only if both point to exactly the same object, not merely objects with matching contents. For example, two arrays containing exactly the same values are not considered equal: // Create two arrays with the same elements. var arrayOne:Array = new Array("a", "b", "c"); var arrayTwo:Array = new Array("a", "b", "c"); trace(arrayOne == arrayTwo); // Displays: false Two composite items are equal only if they both refer to the identical object, array, or sprite.

6. Responding to Mouse and Key Events Problem You want to do something in response to a mouse or keyboard action. Solution Listen for and handle mouse or key events. 5, but does require a little work. For mouse events, the main application class will not receive these directly, so it must listen for them on another object in the display list. endFill( ); Note that the mouse event names are defined in the MouseEvent class, and the handler methods get passed an instance of the MouseEvent class, so you'll need to import that class.

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