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By Patrice Michelle

Revenge is a dish most sensible served chilly. nobody is aware this higher than Jacqueline (Jax) Markson. Ever because she will be able to consider, her father has spoken of revenge—revenge opposed to all vampires. whilst his spouse died after giving start to Jax, John Markson blamed the vampire who’d bitten his pregnant spouse for his loss and he committed his existence to ridding the realm of all vampires. After Jax’s vampire-hunter father is viciously killed, she takes up the reins the place he left off. Her first order of commercial: take out the vampire who killed her father. Ian (The Enforcer) Mordoor has a task to do. sooner than he can take over the Ruean vampire clan’s management place, Ian vows to seek down Drace, the rogue vampire who brutally killed a human vampire hunter named John Markson. What Ian doesn’t look forward to finding in the course of his quest is his mate in a human vampire hunter named Jax--a girl who'd fairly kill than kiss him.

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But the vampire side of him was never out of tune with his immediate surroundings. He listened to her heartbeat change from quick thumps to staccato thuds. The sound fueled his desire, calling to his basest instincts. * * * * * Jax instinctively bucked to knock him off, but he just pressed his hips against hers, pinning her to the train car’s metal surface. She was trapped. The man was an immoveable rock and so was the unmistakable rigid flesh pressing against her lower belly. Unable to stop her intake of breath at his obvious arousal as well as her own, Jax forced an unaffected expression.

His words echoed in her mind. For some unfathomable reason, she did trust he would never hurt her. Jax nodded and Ian backed away to step out of his underwear and pants. She couldn’t stop the gasp that escaped her lips. Good Lord. Not only was his erection long and thick, but it curved slightly toward his hard stomach. Nonononono, there’s no way they would fit together. ” Ian chuckled. “I’m thinkin’, hell yes,” he replied, his tone adamant. The deep timbre of his voice vibrated up her spine when she met his gaze.

God, did she want him. He was right. She should enjoy the here and now while she could. She might not survive her self-imposed assignment of tracking down Drace. She could hear herself bitching as she lay there dying from a mortal wound, I should kick my own ass for not taking a romp with that sexy Ian guy while I had a chance. Ian opened the door and put his hand against the small of her back, leading her into her room. As he shut the door, he moved around Jax and set her against it. Laying a hand on the wood surface above her head, his expression turned intense and focused as he leaned over her.

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