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By Reginald Hill

Love, or not less than pornography, are on the market on the arty Calliope Kinema membership on posh, right Wilkinson sq.. in accordance with Yorkshire police superintendent Dalziel, it is all felony. Detective Peter Pascoe, notwithstanding, does not think it. His dentist, who is aware genuine damaged the teeth and blood while he sees them, insists that the gorgeous actress wasn't taking part in an element whilst it occurred. however the motion that  puts Pascoe into the image is murder. The surprising demise of the Calliope's owner quickly turns a sleazy intercourse flick into critical police company. And now Dalziel and Pascoe are taking a look into the all-too-human wish for discomfort, pleasure...and homicide.

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I'd better have another of these. You're saying that ... I mean, for God's sake, a mailed fist! How'd she look at the end of the film? ' 'She looked fine,' said Shorter. ' 'Just testing you,' said Pascoe. 'But you must admit it seems daft! ' 'Not much. Not that they don't do sword wounds and whip lashes very well. But I've never seen a real sword wound or whip lash! Teeth I know. Let me explain. ' 'I'll say,' said Shorter. 'With a bare fist it's unrealistic, with a metal glove it's impossible.

Yes. ' 'Glandular, they tell me. Used to be a beauty. ' 'Tough,' said Pascoe. ' Crabtree shrugged. 'They have an office. They pay their rates. They give no offence. The only way that most people are going to know what their precise business is would be to see their films, or take part in one of them. Either way, you're not going to complain. ' 'But why come here at all? ' 'Dear, dear,' said Crabtree. 'I bet you still think Soho's full of opium dens and sinister Orientals. Up here it's cheaper, healthier and the beer's better.

Let me explain. ' 'I'll say,' said Shorter. 'With a bare fist it's unrealistic, with a metal glove it's impossible. No, what would really happen would be dislocation, probably fracture of the jaw. The lips and cheeks would splatter and the teeth be pushed through. A fine haze of blood and saliva would issue from the mouth and nose. ' 'It was a flash,' said Shorter. ' 'No,' admitted Shorter. ' 'I see,' said Pascoe, frowning. ' Shorter sounded surprised. 'Isn't it obvious? Look, as far as I'm concerned they can mock up anything they like in the film studios.

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