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It is a homicide secret that includes Lord Edward Corinth and Verity Browne. Verity Browne and Lord Edward Corinth are attending the memorial carrier in Westminster Abbey for Lord Benyon, killed a couple of months prior to whilst the Hindenburg airship burst into flames because it docked in New Jersey. because the congregation starts to disperse after the provider, Edward hears leave out Pitt-Messanger cry for aid. Her father is slumped in his seat, stabbed to loss of life with an historic Assyrian dagger. Edward has no desire to examine the homicide yet Verity will get herself invited to Swifts Hill, the latest condo in Kent belonging to the millionaire Sir Simon Castlewood. His spouse, Virginia, is considered one of Verity's college neighbors and she or he is calling after Maud Pitt-Messanger who's nonetheless grieving for her father. Verity quick discovers that the outdated guy was once a egocentric bully who had made his daughter's existence a distress and avoided her from marrying the guy she enjoyed. through twist of fate, Mr Churchill then asks Edward to enquire the Castlewood beginning which Sir Simon has arrange to fund clinical examine between different important initiatives. Churchill has bought info that Sir Simon's protege, the eminent medical professional Dominic Montillo, is utilizing the root to fund his personal learn into racial forms - the so-called technology of eugenics. Then Maud Pitt-Messanger is herself stabbed to loss of life with a dagger from Sir Simon's archaeological museum, and Edward and Verity subscribe to forces to discover her killer - yet Verity's mistrust of Winston Churchill, and her starting to be appeal to the younger German aristocrat, Adam von Trott, drives a wedge among them which brings them either disappointment and endangers the end result of the research.

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Verity found herself digging in her bag for her handkerchief and even Edward found his eyes prickling. When the service ended, it was twenty minutes before they could even think of making their way to the West Door. Just as the crowd about them thinned and Edward had bent to retrieve his hat from underneath his chair, he heard a shrill cry which seemed to come from a woman who had been sitting a few rows in front of them on the extreme right, close to the entrance to the cloisters. Edward walked into the side aisle and saw that a woman was bending over a man slumped in one of the seats.

It was all false – down to the last Etruscan pot on the huge fake-marble fireplace in which an electric fire ‘burned’ fake logs. The floor was laid with imitation Turkish rugs and copies of Old Masters hung on the wall. Verity thought longingly of Edward’s home, Mersham Castle, where nothing was false. Swifts Hill was too much like an hotel – or rather, it suddenly came to her, the interior of the Queen Mary – to be truly beautiful. Its saving grace was the abundance of flowers. Vases of roses, crimson, creamy white and yellow, stood on tables and in the windows scenting the air and giving life to the scene.

Hold on! I’ve just remembered. ’ ‘That’s right and, as it happens, Maud Pitt-Messanger is staying at Swifts Hill. ’ ‘Really, V, you are incorrigible. You want to investigate . ’ ‘We may not like Pride but he is a very competent police officer,’ Edward said sententiously. ‘I have every confidence . ’ Edward pushed aside the breakfast tray and rolled over on Verity. ‘Stop it, you bully. ’ he retorted. They looked at each other with mutual indignation and then Verity was overtaken by the giggles.

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