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By Sarah Graves

Again within the day, Jacobia “Jake” Tiptree became gains dealing with the fortunes of Manhattan’s so much lucky. Then she fled the rat race for a stately outdated fixer-upper in easygoing Eastport, Maine. yet now a rat from a good darker nook of Jake’s earlier has became up…a killer with a blueprint for demolishing her new life.As a house fix fanatic, Jake is familiar with that not anything lasts forever—not home windows or doorways, no longer plaster or plumbing. and never stable fortune.After greater than 3 a long time eluding justice, the fellow who murdered her mom is eventually approximately to face trial—until he vanishes into skinny air. Jake has a bad foreboding of the place Ozzie Campbell will occur subsequent. And whereas the neighborhood police leader is bound she’s overreacting, in point of fact a long way worse than even Jake’s worst fears.With her usually complete condominium empty for no less than one other week, Jake has been waiting for the unaccustomed peace and quiet. Now her comfortable, well-loved domestic feels extra like an incredible empty dying catch able to snap close. First a couple of out-of-towners essentially no longer in Eastport for holiday ensue asking questions about her. And if she has any doubt they’re hooked up to Campbell, these doubts are erased whilst he calls her with a grim caution. yet precisely what Campbell desires from her isn’t transparent, simply that he’ll cease at not anything to harm these closest to Jake. And his first sufferers are the main defenseless of all. without notice Jake can’t support yet believe that her house—and her life—has some distance too many home windows. And in anybody of them she may possibly see the face of her killer.

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So as soon as the cops stopped thinking Jake's dad had done the deed, Campbell was the clear next choice. Add a Manhattan ADA who badly wanted that word "assistant" lopped off his title and presto, instant prosecution. Campbell would get Trotta's name and his brand-new slogan—"Justice Never Forgets"—into the newspapers and onto the blogs. Win or lose hardly mattered; it was the name recognition Trotta would get out of it that counted. "Jake, you were just a little kid," argued Bob. " Why was it so hard to make people understand this, that the facts of the case were clear?

Still did. But that concrete was heavy. " Bob stepped forward, ready to help. "Just ‘cause the guy's not down there where he usually is, that still doesn't mean he's necessarily up here, trying to get on your case. " "Yeah, right. " she retorted. "They just fall into place like jigsaw puzzle pieces, fit together right off the bat. " Because that was the worst thing, the crawly sense of being observed like a bug under a lens. Or a target in the crosshairs. She'd been trying to get Bob to take her seriously about it for a few days now, earning in return the kind of looks that the attendants gave to the inmates in the really securely locked-down asylums.

Couldn't be him, she tried telling herself. But it was; she hadn't heard the voice on the phone in decades, yet its harsh, distinctive rasp was as familiar to her as her own. Anxiously she punched in Sandy O’Neill's New York number and cursed when it connected her to his voice mail. "Sandy, listen, Ozzie Campbell just called me. I don't know where from, the number was blocked.

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