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By Michael J. Graetz

To such a lot americans, the USA tax code has turn into an unlimited and confounding puzzle. In 1940, the directions to the shape 1040 have been approximately 4 pages lengthy. at the present time they've got ballooned to greater than 100 pages, and the shape itself includes greater than ten schedules and twenty worksheets. the whole tax code totals approximately 2.8 million words—about 4 occasions the size of conflict and Peace. during this fascinating e-book, Michael Graetz continues that our tax code has develop into a tangle of loopholes, forms, and inconsistencies—a immense social application that fails assessments of simplicity and equity. extra vital, our tax process has did not hold velocity with the altering financial system, developing burdens and wastes of assets that weigh our country down.

Graetz deals an answer. think an international during which such a lot american citizens pay no source of revenue tax in any respect, and people who do take pleasure in a much easier tax process—all this with out lowering executive sales or removal key incentives for employer-sponsored well-being care plans and pensions. As Graetz adeptly and obviously describes, this global is inside of our take hold of.

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They built this land of freedom but things have changed since then. Perhaps we need a Tea Party again. —Jeff Parnell, “Perhaps We Need a Tea Party Again” (The Fair Tax Song) ne of the most important underlying dynamics of tax politics, and a key to understanding the obstacles to fundamental reform, is the variety in levels of intensity that different groups bring to the issue. When the topic is taxes, it is fair to say there are two kinds of people: the high-intensity folks and the rest of us.

Meanwhile, Bush was urging Congress simply to make permanent the tax cuts of his first term, which are scheduled The Broken Politics of Taxation 29 to expire in 2010. Indeed, in May 2006, Ed Lazear, a member of the tax reform panel, who became the president’s chief economic adviser, was asked why the president had not advanced any plan for tax reform. ” Lazear then pointed to cuts in taxes on capital gains and dividends and the creation of tax-favored health savings accounts as examples of what he had in mind.

Our nation’s population is aging. In 2011 the oldest of the baby boom generation turns sixty-five. Life spans have been increasing and will continue to increase. The fastest-growing segment of the population is the so-called old elderly—those over age eighty—for whom the costs of health care and of long-term care rise exponentially. People age eighty-five or older now constitute less than 2% of the population; they will account for 5% in 2040. Today many people retire for about one-third of their lives.

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