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    10 thoughts on “Contact

    1. what do you mean/? do you want me to listen to the westside story soundtrack? how come?

    2. When do you guys plan to return to the East Coast?
      Hoping soon, Boston 2005 will always be a great memory!
      Hugs xo

    3. Hey jake,

      I just wanted to let you know your the bees knees. im not really a fan of anything but im a fan of yours. its good to hear your working on a new record.

    4. Hey Jake!
      Trying you again to see if you’re available for playing a set at the Slowdown on July 3rd. Bill will include myself and another Minneapolis-based act (i.e. Farewell Milwaukee or the Honeydogs). We would love to invite you to play this show with us! Compensation is totally negotiable.

      Trying to solidify bill by week’s end, so please respond asap if interested. Huge fan of your music, by the way.

      All best,

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