This site is designed to allow music to go from, concept to recording, faster than the traditional method. Instead of waiting for a year or two to record an album, my plan is to start on the recordings while the inspiration is fresh! It takes a page out of the old school style of recording singles and playing them on the radio, in order to determine whether or not it would be worth making a record at all. Except, I’ll be doing this without the radio. Gonna miss that old radio…

So, I will endeavor to record my favorite songs as they make themselves known to me. I will then attempt to distribute them to the select people that actually care about my music. THEN, after I have a suitable body of work, I will ask for a show of hands to determine how many of the very limited edition albums I will have pressed up!! I will only press as many as are ordered and then I will begin on the next chapter of work. EXCITING!!

I am also going to put up some of the other things that i think are fun. For example, I intend to record a comedy tape of jokes that i make up while delivering sandwiches.(that is not a joke) There will also be photographs that I think are nice. I’m going to put links up to the individuals that i think are interesting and share the things I LOVE!!! this is only the beginning and I can imagine that this thing will develop a life of it’s own, and I can’t wait! 🙂