The “Help” tape

Ok, I am excited to share some news about what we’ve been doing! We have recorded a tape of b-sides and demos to accompany one new song that will be on the impending record release. I haven’t made a tape since 1994 so this is kind of a unique moment in time. We went through a bunch of old recordings and compiled a few interesting ones, with the intent of making something special that will only exist in this limited way. We recorded 100 of these tapes, but we immediately sold 50 by surprise at an Omaha show while I was back home celebrating the holidays! Jeeze, so we still have some and I am going to include a link here that you can click to get a copy. There is also the option to buy the A-side of the tape digitally

. I am also playing a show in Los Angeles on thursday Jan. 17th at Hotel Cafe and will be selling tapes there. I want to start playing music on the road and this tape will hopefully jumpstart that process. Thank you for being so patient, I realize that I have dropped off the map for a bit and I am deeply grateful that there are still people who care. Cheers


7 thoughts on “The “Help” tape

  1. We’re here! I’m ever more happy that you got a record coming out. As are many many.

  2. Jake – I love the new tracks. Help gave me chills – the backing vocals are amazing, and the lilting dissonance is mesmerizing. Keep up the great work, and I hope you make your way near Pittsburgh.


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