Live at Slowdown

The 11 track album, Live at Slowdown, is now available in the store. Check out a track from the album below.

State of Town (from Live at Slowdown)

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(buy the album here)

7 thoughts on “Live at Slowdown

  1. Oh my god. You are alive. I thought you ran away and stopped making music and looks like I’ve been missing it over the past two years. Shit. Any chance you will resell those songs you put up one-by-one before?

    Huge fan. Saw you randomly at a cafe in Madison, WI in.. 2005, right after The Hate Yourself Change came out. One of my favorite albums of all-time. My girlfriend’s family lives in Omaha, and every time I go down there I search every record store in hopes of randomly finding The Hate Yourself Change on vinyl used. It’s my inspiration every time I go down there. Probably will never find it.

  2. i’m stoked you guys are enjoying this stuff! i just got out of the studio, been working on a new album. i’m pretty excited to be making music again! it’s not finished yet, as money is a little tight, but i can’t wait! thanks for caring about it, i’ll be in touch.

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