If You Can Wait

I have a new song for sale! It’s called, “If You Can Wait”.

If You Can Wait(sample clip)

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(buy the song here)

9 thoughts on “If You Can Wait

  1. Jake, it’s Justin in Savannah. We miss you down here. Thanks, a lot, for doing this. I got a little on myself when I read the bit about “very limited edition albums”. Also, it’s awesome to finally see Dragon. And, your youtube videos are life changing.

    For now, I’m only left wondering, what’s become of Neva Dinova?


  2. great song. the meta data shows the title as “99999” but its easy enough to change. also i really liked ‘rollerskating’ on the re-release. keep it up!

  3. Great song! I have come to expect nothing less from Dr. Bellows. Bright Eyes split re-release songs are great too. Can’t wait to see you in Denver again. Thanks for writing, Please never ever stop!

  4. Jake… Sick stuff, man! Keep doing your thing and please please come up to Mass… I’ll even pay for the airfare!

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