Should You Ever Change Your Mind

Should You Ever Change Your Mind  (sample clip)

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12 thoughts on “Should You Ever Change Your Mind

  1. I saw this on the Indie Rock Reviews and THEY SHOOT MUSIC YouTube videos. I loved it then, and I love it even more now that I can listen to it whenever I want. Thank you!

  2. Hey Jake, met ya a couple times back in Minneapolis, even bought ya a jack & coke and gave it to ya between songs. I’m diggin your new stuff but its saying you aren’t setup to accept payments so I can’t buy these fucking badass songs! Hit me up when I can get em! Peace

  3. amazing music as always Jake, I am not completely sold on the wood block sound in the song, though…I would love to hear the song without that. Just more of your vocals and the amazing guitar. I promise I will buy this song!

    When are more updates coming?

  4. Aww, man! I wish I had 1.50$! No doubt, I would buy every song you put out. I just can’t get enough of your music! Love you and everything you write! Can’t wait to meet you one day.

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